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Off To the big China

I am not ready to get lost.

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Hello my friend's how have you guy's been? Me well I Have been exploring many different places but now I am in China and I am getting Kinda scared. China is a very big place and I am one small person. China is a cultural region, an ancient civilization and depending on perspective of people a national or multinational entity extended over a large area in east Asia. The languages they mostly spoke when I was there were a variety of Mandarin (70% of the people spoke) Wu, Yue, Min, Xiang, Gan, and Hakka. The population is approximately 1,307,560,000. It was so big and I was really scared. There were some major rivers and they were The Yangze, The Hung He and The Amur. More toward the south is The Pearl River and The Mekong River, The Brahmapub all ending in the ocean. I found out the GDP per capita was about 6006 dollars. The Total area was 9,596,961 square km 9,569,601 square km of that was land and 27,060 of that was water. One of the tourist attractions I ended up going to was the famous Great Wall of China. The wall was so big and high I gave up walking it about 2 hours after I started. The next place i went was The Forbidden City. Now I am off to my hotel to pack and get ready for my next adventure. See you soon blogger.

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Paris France who-ho!

The third stop awaited

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Hello bloggers, I know its been a few days since I have wrote you but I am back now and thats all that matters. As you all know I have been in Paris, France for a few days now and I am In love with it. Paris is the Capitol of France and it is the country's most popular city. It is situated on/bye the river Seine in northern France at the heart of the Tie-de-France region. I went around and found that the estimated population is about 2,203,817 but the Paris Urbaine aka The Metropolitan area has a population of 11,769,433, it is one of the most populated metropolitan areas in Europe. As of january 2006 but I didn't find the recent one if there is one. I also found that the estimated GDP is about 33,200 per capita. When I was there I knew the language that they spoke because when I was in high School I took French and in Paris, France the speak bolth French and english. The total area of the metropolitan is 643,327 square km 640,053 square km of that is land and 3,374 square km is water. I found out that a major ocean around France is The Atlantic ocean. So far in the few days that I have been in France I have gone to the Eiffel Tower which if you haven't been there plan to go there sometime in your life because it is truly beautiful. Another place that I went to go see was The Louvre which a friend took me to as a suprise. We went when all the roads were lit because of the wonderful lights and it was just all very fairy tale like. I went to one more beautiful place so far with the time that I've spent in France and that was the Notre Dame Cathedral it was tall and beautiful I love so much about Paris and France in general but the tourist sights just add to it. Well it's getting late and I am running out of time on the computer, plus I have a busy few days left in Paris, France so I am logging off until my next stop and I cant wait to tell you about China, yay wish me luck see wright you soon! Thanks for keeping faith in me.

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Stop Number 2 Brazil

Here we go off to stop number 2

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After my week or so in Washington D.C I headed off on another journey to Brazil which is in South America. Brazil officialy The Federative Republic of Brazil is the 5th largest country by geographical area occupying over half of South America, the fifth most populous country and the 4th most populous democracy in the world. Brazil is bounded/borderd by the Atlantic Ocean on the east which is one of the main bodies of water that I seen when I was In Brazil. Brazil had a coastline of over 7,491km long. The total area of Brazil is 8,511,965 square km 55,455 square km of that is water. The GDP per capita is 12,105 as of 2008 im not sure about 2009. When I was there the estimated population was 191,241,714 as of 2009. I didn't know what half of the people were saying because the lanuge they spoke was fluent portugese so I had to get a interpritor book and learn my lanuges. In my time in brazil I went to many diffrent tourist attractions but there were two main attractions that I liked. One main one that I liked to go to was Iguaassu Falls and I would for shure go back there. The second one I went to I had to go a ways but i didnt want to leave Rio de Janeiro grabs ure attention and its beauty and history just intreges you. The scenery alone is just beautiful and makes you not want to leave and if you do leave it makes you want to come back. Im sorry to say this but I have to go catch my plane now so I will taLk to you at my next stop Paris, France. Wish me luck fellow bloggers.

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The Big Washiongton, D.C

My First stop.

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I didn't really know what to do with my life or where I wanted to go untill my teacher Chris Made us look into this project, this project will show you some insite on where I would like to go sometime in my life. My First stop on my trip was in Washington, D.c, Washington is located Northeast from Maryland and Northwest from Columbia. When I was in Washington D.c I found out alot like the fact that it was fornally The District of Columbia. That fact explains why it is called Washington D.c, it is also the capitol of our very own The United States found on the sixteenth in the seventeen nintys (16th 1790). The District has a population of about 591,833 but because of the workweek the population rises to about over a million. There was aslo Three main natural flowing streams that I visted were the Potomac River it was beautiful, then I went to the Anacostia River and finally I went to the Rock Creek all very beutifully breath takeing. There was one more it was called Tiber Creek and I remember someone telling me that it was a water course that once passed through The National mall that was fully enclosed underground during the 1870's. The GDP is 46,900 per capita. When I was there the only language I heard people speak was english. I looked into the area of the land and the total area was 68.3 square miles 61.4 square miles of it was land and 6.9 square of miles of it was land. I went to two major tourist attracktions one wich was the Washington Monument of course it was on the must see list onlin. I loved being there I felt so small yet so glad seeing that special place it made me feel important like I was looking at a piece of our very important history. It is the tallest structure in Wasington D.c. The Other place that I went was the Lincon Monument. Thats the place where the big statue of Abraham Lincon sits even today. When you go and see him you feel like you are meeting someone that changed the world for what we know it to be. With out him our world as we know it would ceast to excist. I learned alot on my trip but I got to go now becuause my plane is ready to leave I dont want it to take off with out me blog you soon.

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