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Returning home

yay my own bed

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Hello again my fellow bloggers i am sad to say that i will not be going anywhere else for a while my funds are kinda tight right now but i wish i could stay and go more places. I wanted to thank all of you for staying with me and reading my blogs, i will miss you all and i will miss the insite you all give me. I hope that my blogs help you realize if you want to go somewhere in the world than go be free I am just going to return home for a long wanted reunion with all of my family. My trips were fun and exciting and I learned alot of new things. I hope to keep in touch but for now cowboys123 is sighning off

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Dallas Texas

Im gonna see the cowboys

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When I was a little girl my mom and i used to go down to Dallas Texas all the time so I really miss it here. I know the populations 1,279,910 people and its really big it is the third largest city in Texas and the 8th largets in the USA. The estimated area was 997.1 squared km 887.2squared km of that was land and 110.0 squared km was water the GDP per capita is the same as the USA. I went to the Dallas Cowboys Stadium for a football game because the cowboys are my team always have been and always will be one reason why my display names cowboys123. The second place I went was tha Dallas Skyline and it was so beautiful it makes the world seem better. Im sorry but I have to go now. Talk with you soon

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Orlando Florida

The sunny side up

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Now im getting closer and closer to home. I've been waiting to get here forever bacause i have always wanted to go to florida and now im finally here! Two places i have gone to while i have been here was the Universal theme park of course i had to have some fun and then i headed off to Sea World and that was alot of fun. It has an estimated population of 230,514 people as of 2008. It has a total area of 101.0 square km 93.5 square km of thats land and the other 7.5 sq km was water. The estimated GDP per Capita was 13.4 billion and the launges they spoke were english and spanish. Well now im off to see the cowboys.

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Uganda Africa

Im back

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Hey did you guys miss me, I know I missed you now im in Uganda which is in the eastern Africa and west of Kenya. I found out from a friend that the total area was 241,038 square km but only 197,100 square km was land 43,938 square km of that was water. The only major water recorse that I found out about was Lake Victoria it ran on for miles. The launages that they spoke were english and ganda but mostly english. The estimated population of Uganda was 32,369,558 as of 2008. They had an estimated GDP per capita which was 1,330 dollars. Uganda is famous for there Water falls so one of the places that I went to was The Falls and another place I went to was the national parks I seen some wierd animals and some awesome ones. Well im off to bed then to the sunny state see you soon.

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Im ready to go down under.

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Hello my fans, I have been down under in Sydney Australia. I have not gotten used to the way that people talk I love how they talk so very beautiful but I am just not used to it. The other day someone told me that the total area of Austraila was 7,741,220 square km 7,682,300 square km of that was land and 58,920 square km was water, all i could do was stare blankley. The estimated population of Ausrailia was 21,262,641 as of 2009 thats pretty big if you ask me. Australia is located in the Indian Ocean. The estimated GDP per capita was about 38,100 as of 2008. The two main tourist attractions that I went to were the Sydney Tower Which was very beautiful at night and I went to the Sydney Harbor wich I stood at for a few hours because it gave me such peace at mind I didnt want to go. Thanks so much for reading my blogs. See ya soon.

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